2011-10-04 14:58:48 by HOLIMOUNT

oh well since i think im not hallucinating or( how ever the hell that's spelled )

some people here like Elika so im making MOAR drawings of this dude looking chick for all of you
so yeah that's it ...you can go home now



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2011-10-08 21:57:14

Whoops! Hit return too early on your review!!

The Morrigan cosplay picture (continued) - The background and shading/lighting were very nicely done.

That's all - just wanted to finish, and not look like a jerk. Thanks for sticking to NG, it's great havin' ya here!

HOLIMOUNT responds:

no problem mate but aww i think that morrigan drawing was lame to be honest and not a good start i will have to do a new one


2011-10-22 12:20:07

Looking good, but I just wanted to ask: what software is that and where can I find it? If you could let me know that would be great :)