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you never stop impressing me you crazy son of a ..

hahahah naw just kidding as then again is fukken hillarious and theanimation s amazing as always


hahaha esta bueno el flash es dificil ver latinos por aqui sabes hehe all my stars to you my friend

Atzu responds:

He Gracias. Es cierto no hay muchos. Pero por ejemplo el que hace los de Vete a la verch es latino y parece popular.

fuck consoles

lol so true man hahahaha kids kids everywhere

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i dont normally write reviews

but when i do, i do it on awesome ass balls to the wall kick ass games like this

i hate fucktards like sjcomix

this game is awesome but it just pisses me off that this gets reviews by fucktards i apologise in the name of NG for that Zone

sooo amazingly fun

i know this review is gonna be useless but this can only be describe as far the best game ive seen around this trully deserves a 10 out of 10 hell of a job sir

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you jelly bro?

oh man this is precious hahahah its soo funny man why the fuck you didint told me about this hahahah

hahahahahah i know one day someone would give a fuck about your hating man but i support you bro keep making more of these i love it hahahaha

you really got some free time on your hands

EnactJudo responds:

oh yes Kermit shit on my ballsack

all my stars belong to you

great painting hahaha and i love the rules written on the back my hats down to you

love this concept :D

seriously to be honest this is the best thing ive seen all day love every part of it gorgeous work

whats up everybody im a freelance artist my art was raised grown and still being grown through out the vast internet im pretty much random most of the time but im triying to get in animation and stuff a like and basiclly to improve my weird ass draws

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