you know it

2011-12-05 17:57:36 by HOLIMOUNT

every time you guys fap to my drawings this face happens

i dont know why i keep making journals you guys dont read them for shit

you know it


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2011-12-05 19:30:18

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA, this is so true ;D


2011-12-06 13:38:20

Hey man my name is Kyle. I just wanted to write about your awesome art. You have amazing talent and it sucks to see people leaving harsh comments on such art as Miss Tia. They simply don't understand the skill and talent you have. Besides what is their not to love about Miss Tia? Any way, Please continue making great art (especially adult art of Miss Tia >:P) knowing that you have tons of fans anticipating your next masterpiece.

HOLIMOUNT responds:

HAHAH thank you soo much for the support man i will try to make better artwork for all you to enjoy


2011-12-16 05:41:27

i don't fap your drawings, i say your drawings are fucking cool. check mine out if you got time man


2012-01-21 10:48:34

ROFL! Almost as good as my baby pictures.


2012-01-22 04:06:47

Fap to your drawings? What a great idea!!