Entry #45

new design page ...not bad

2012-02-09 10:46:12 by HOLIMOUNT

so i have been away for a while and all i can say about this new design is ...its awesome i like it

new design page ...not bad


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2012-02-29 20:55:56

george takei. dude, you are awesome! XD - and on your latest pig draw (sorry i forgot her name) - you get a 10+ from me, amazing art as always. and im on my aunt's computer so that's why i couldn't rate it normally in a review, but i just wanted to let you know...she is superbly hot and i'd want her to take it off, hehe...anyway, keep up the amazing work and i agree with you on the new design. it fits this awesome new year well. i hope it serves you well, i know it will. peace out holimount. till the next time... ;)


2012-12-10 23:52:45

i fucking love it too, also I like how we can now add friends on newgrounds, its about darn time :D


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