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whats up everybody im a freelance artist my art was raised grown and still being grown through out the vast internet im pretty much random most of the time but im triying to get in animation and stuff a like and basiclly to improve my weird ass draws

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Posted by HOLIMOUNT - July 8th, 2011

lol i find funny how much of you guys have begged me to draw Elika naked hahahaha but hell guys whats the matter whit her ive seen her cunt its not that big of a deal she has pubes and stuff and lips and shit and her nipples are pink there you got a whole mental image of her heheheh but to be honest i would not like her to draw her naked ...well at least not just yet in time you would finally see Elikas vagina and forth field all your dreams and hopes.

why did i feel that someone somewhere would read this and apply rule 34 all over her..i hope not itll be kind of awkward to watch porn of Elika is like watching porn of your own daughter

get real chicks guys and believe me if Elika was real you wouldn't like her that much shell might suck your dick but she would not stop there ....until your literally dead


Posted by HOLIMOUNT - July 1st, 2011

sooo lately ive been getting some really hard honest awesome reviews from some of you guys and i just wanna say..thanks seriously i love reviews like yours guys i love that your honest and not butt kissing or overeacting you know exept from some trolling you guys have been damn great so thanks

and ive also wanted to tell you that im really taking your advices and triying to make better art you know its really really hard but hell you guys are helping me so thanks


Posted by HOLIMOUNT - July 1st, 2011

i know its a stupid ass question but..i have the horrible need to ask you guys are there any of you guys that considers me ..Christopher Campbell(yeah thats my name....) my fan or follower etc just sayin ive always dream of having fans but i don't know for me you guys are numbers in views and i don't really know

so yeah im just sayin i just know that if your reading this yes you the guy sitting on that chair yes YOU i love you ...very much homo intended

do i got fans???

Posted by HOLIMOUNT - June 23rd, 2011

so at the end of this year im gonna buy either one of those games and spend a hel of alot of money buying them so i tell you guys ...wish one should i get???


Posted by HOLIMOUNT - June 21st, 2011

(i make a hell of alot of grammar mistakes so be advice)

so i got a letter from this guy saying that he wanted to help writing and i was like ok but then he send another letter regretting saying that i was an idiot or something and that i was gonna put a tittle or what ever didint read the rest i deleted inmediatly

when i get a messages from dipshits i dont read them but i remember a beautiful quote from a friend of mine that told me haters gonna hate ,and you know what i first i was confused when i got this letter then i was pissed but now im chilled cause you know what i dont care and im not posting this to tell you my problems and get all emo on you guys

i just wanted to tell you that simple word ...dont let nobody bring you down ever do your thing and do it whit style even from trolling ,specially from trolling such as in real life and the internet learn to laugh at your enemies and haters and also if ive been an idiot as this fucktard says i am im sorry seriously sorry newgrounds for being a dumbass i cant help it

and if you seriously dont like it proceed to look for someone elses big tity drawings of chicks or anyone else cause unless your bitching like this motherfucker...for example

and for this guy the only thing i can say is by quoting famous words from Samuel L Jackson


peace out people sorry for being dumb or anything ive done that have make you feel bad or anything I'm genuinely sorry and please dont be a jerkoff like this guy if your gonna do a favour to somebody and have all this fancy asslicking shit talk before your gonna do it and you back down from it dont be like this guy

let your no be a no and your YES a motherfucking YES

ps and if the guy that wrote this to me read this i hope you know how much a fucktard you are and how much i DONT give a fliying fuck about your opinion about me or anything i do if you have problem whit it please go ahead and write a letter to somebody that gives a shit...

DONT LET NOBODY FUCK WHIT YOU BE YOURSELF FUCK THE HATERS AND YEAH CAPS¡¡¡ peace out and sorry for being a dumbass if i have been ill try to change


Posted by HOLIMOUNT - June 17th, 2011

you know i cant blame you guys anymore for hating on us furries so i decided to not give a shit anymore and stop defending these people hahahahah you guys are rigth furries are weird motherfukers this is officially the last time i speak of this theme too much bitching about something that dosent really matter the time

personally i like this cause of myself not cause of the internet when i was a kid i use to create lots of anthropomorphic characters and stories and stuff so when i got deep into the internet i found this cool folks that like the same thing as i did so i was like fuck this guys like what i like ,i wanna hang out whit this crazy mothafokas but now is like....DAMN this is what they DO??? fuck me

but then again im not triying to say i am not weird cause i am very fukken weird( im actually kinda proud of it) but aww seriously guys chill off the hating if i was a furrie hater i would seriously get the fuck away from them the internet is a place for groups way worst than us so yeah this is the end of my furrie pro bitching for now on ill just draw them and STFU as i should have a hell of a lot of time ago :D...

well shit...you guys are right

Posted by HOLIMOUNT - June 13th, 2011

well since im a furry and i am if you dont like it....i dont really care anyways?(so bitch all you want )

and since this is my journal i can say all the stupid ass crap i desire and i havent posted nottin for a while....

well anyways i love furries cause (we) they are some weird ass mothafokas (not all furries) to be honest im an ignorant in the furrie culture ,movement stuff basically cause i dont really care about getting into it i just care about the art and camaraderie part of the furrie movement wish i admire alot is cool to see them come together and do all there crazy shit is just hilarious and awesome i specially love some of the furrie artist for example Jay Axer,Elto Portillo wish are art Gods for me and seriously i dont give a fliying fuck if you hate furries and your one of those fucktards that spend there days trolling furries

( i mean i dont judge the fact that you dislike furries cause is really understandble just that if you hate them so much why did you bitch so much about it just chill it off let the crazy fuckers alone furrie haters that i respect for example Max Gilardi seriously he hates everything i love and i still love his shit lol i think he even blocked me from hes you tube page i am 999999% sure )

but seriously even if your a furry hater or what ever you got to accept this guys have some kick ass talent and there great ass artists you know but apart from that the furries have alot of great things to offer you know like the freedom of doing shit that everyone hates and still doing it ...even do i still dont really understand why there is so much self denial whit in furries i mean i get into a chat and say something like hi furries and everyone is like "im not a furrie blah blah blah" when the chats name is something like furrie lover chatroom(specially in D.A)

but yeah furries are weird but they got great ass things to offer (exept for the weird porn not the cool one...the cool one is awesome) and if you dont like em just chill off do something usefull go outside get girls make a painting of a beautifull sunrise go to church go for a walk in the park.. anything just chill off you know just sayin

as then again my stupid/weird/dumb opinion dosent really matter but i say it anyways just to piss people off

i freaking love furries (im bitching about this again)

Posted by HOLIMOUNT - May 30th, 2011

AIIIGTH PEOPLE¡ i know theres alot of haters/critics/battlefield fanboys/ that hate the shit out of this game but i believe is gonna be the best fukken thing ever cause im gonna try my ass off to get this the first moment it gets to my country and also Black ops and MW2 i just have COD4 wish is awesome but im already kinda tired of it but i do enjoy it a hell of alot

but ill like to ask you guys a favor can you guys tell me a good website to download full video games and stuff cause besides Cod ill like other games and stuff yaw know just sayin ill be very very very nice


Posted by HOLIMOUNT - May 8th, 2011

why the hell every single person in that country is fucking awesome at drawing i swear to God they all draw awesome i wanna be philipine man im just sick of this shit im gonna dye my skin and operate my eyes or something

Damn you phillipines

Posted by HOLIMOUNT - April 22nd, 2011

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19Jfchi HxLU&feature=feedwll&list=WL
you know the drill just watch the damn thing

the making of big blue tits