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whats up everybody im a freelance artist my art was raised grown and still being grown through out the vast internet im pretty much random most of the time but im triying to get in animation and stuff a like and basiclly to improve my weird ass draws

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Posted by HOLIMOUNT - April 14th, 2011

even do most of you hate my ass i would like to tell ya that tomorrow/today/yesterday (14 of april for time reference present bullcrap) is my damn birthday so i just wanted to tell you to give a billion dollars or ill shoot a puppy

naw but all jokes apart is my birthday and if you want to draw something for me or just tell me how did you want to murder me it would be fantastic anyways so since im pretty damn unoriginal for writting rigth now im gonna fill the rest of this journal whit a picture of denise milani so it can be eye catching so anyways see ya


Posted by HOLIMOUNT - March 31st, 2011

in that case youll be the horse like thing

the internet

Posted by HOLIMOUNT - March 22nd, 2011

i dont know what to post so i did this


Posted by HOLIMOUNT - February 27th, 2011

so yeah i created a group for Elikaz wizdom.....(loud crowd voice) THE FUCK IS THAT?
well is the amazingly retarted ass comic that i created to please my need to make a story even if its pure crap but anyways yeah its there
and also im still working on episode 2 and ive taken so long cause i freaking SUCK¡ but soon i will try to finish it and maybe make it longer that the original "script"

here is thar link http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=gr oup_206851539330081

ANEHWAYS thanks for reading and stuff oh and by the way sorry for the last journal it was pretty gay

i leave you whit a sketch YAY¡¡¡¡i still suck i know.....


Posted by HOLIMOUNT - February 22nd, 2011

its funny when i first started here i didint knew that there was so much hate going on against furries till i got like 5 dedicated trolls around at first i was very interesting specially cause this guys were really trying to make me mad and they did but then i thought shit dude this guys get me pist off but shit

but in reality they are the minority this so called antifurries faggots and trolls are just a bunch of assholes and believe me nothing would make more happy than see some ragequits of them soo to ALL YOU FURRIES OUT THERE¡¡ dress and sing and make this faggots squeel cause there is nothing funnier that seeing this bitches crying

im personally not a hardcore furry but i just love to see this bitches criying and also fuck you encyclopedia dramatica

peace off heheh why em i so mad

I fucking love anti furries you know

Posted by HOLIMOUNT - February 17th, 2011

SHUT THE FUCK UP¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡the game is liquid awesomeness
and you know what


Posted by HOLIMOUNT - February 8th, 2011

Posted by HOLIMOUNT - January 18th, 2011

you know ...lately ive realised how fucking weird as fuck we furries are so getting trolled by it kinda seems natural and its cool, i mean we like fox chicks whit double Ds and ive seen some freaky as fuck furry art like REAL CREEPY but then again i dont give a sh/&%t cause i love this crap no matter how lame weird zoofilic and gay it is or it gets....hehehe so i dont blame you completly for the trollin just for being assholes

so yeah thats it

random crap bout furries and sh%%t¡

Posted by HOLIMOUNT - December 29th, 2010

You know i normally don't like to support gay causes but you know sometimes you got to set the different feelings you got in your heart apart to support this people you know

so lately ive had this numerous messages of this homosexual dude that loves furrie art and that my furry art have changed his life
at first i didn't understand what he was trying to say but now i can see it clearer than ever

he is a gay activist that spreads his love for furries around newgrounds and thinks that im gay like him but im so sorry little fella im not. but believe me im going to help you so can everybody know your cause and your love of furries

i know its confusing but please message him and contact him to support him so thanks to all of you guys for suporting this great cause


Posted by HOLIMOUNT - December 24th, 2010

so guys lately Ive been getting some great reviews about how to improve and even do this is a premature idea i really want to then again start making some new better artwork you know and the thing is that lately i feel that MOST of my stuff are super weak hahaha and pretty lame but i really think that i have more potential and stuff

so what im triying to say is thanks to all the people that had given me some great comments because is easy to discard the guys that say cool...asnd just that or the trolls but the true reviews really dig in so thanks guys is amazing to know i have great people commenting and stuff so thanks to you all