2010-08-08 20:48:04 by HOLIMOUNT

i dont really now what to say so im just gonna post a picture of booobies TEE HEEE¡¡


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98Np9hN SIWo&feature=related because i back traced it and your being reported to the cyber police


2010-06-11 15:26:24 by HOLIMOUNT

Guys i really really love your comments and stuff like that but hehe ive been getting this really mean comments from some of you guys, that are just stupid you know ITS NOT LIKE IM SAYING SAYING THAT YOU GOTTA WRITE ALWAYS THAT YOU LOVE MY DRAWS dammit sometimes me myself would wanna spit in my own face for some draws that i do ,hehehe but the thing im saying here is that if you gonna hate it say it respectfully i respect you opinion as long as it respectfull because if you dont be respectfull to me why would i be whit you huh? soo thats it hehe dont hate me im just saying
give me hate and i will give you hate thats all

and besides in the rules says that you cant be an asshole you know

wow aww thank you soo much its a great honor that finally people are looking at my stuff i always wanted to be here in newgrounds so its really great fo show thanks

AWWW hi Newgrounds

2010-01-26 20:27:25 by HOLIMOUNT

well im Chris more known around da world as the HOLIMOUNT and i like to draw and im planning to make some animations later ohoho so thanks for reading this and watching my draws and stuff its really a big thing you know