new design page ...not bad

2012-02-09 10:46:12 by HOLIMOUNT

so i have been away for a while and all i can say about this new design is ...its awesome i like it

new design page ...not bad

you know it

2011-12-05 17:57:36 by HOLIMOUNT

every time you guys fap to my drawings this face happens

i dont know why i keep making journals you guys dont read them for shit

you know it

lol i dunno just saying since you guys take the time to see mine i mean why the hell not

did you want me to review your art???


so i haven't make a journal in sometime isn't it???

but oh well i just want to tell you guys something...really important something that i haven't told you guys in a while I LOVE YOU GUYS lol even the trolls even do ive been getting some really shitty trolling lately wish is pretty lame cause its not even offensive anymore is just sad and the usual weird motherfuckers that supposedly hate my art (not that i have something against that im cool with that ) but seriously guys you can put a big 0 in my art and if you say it sucks in an educated way i wont even be upset .but still dont get it you hate my drawings wish is cool and you keep watching them?? now theres only an option to that 1 you kinda like my art

but oh well i just wanted to let that out in other news that YOU ACTUALLY CARE im drawing more boobies lol and more Piggy girls in that matter and im also triying to finish my endless list of fan art and many other stuff that i hope you all enjoy it doesent matter if only 2 people do that would make me happy.

well see ya all and sorry for killing grammar today

me bitching again and other stuff


2011-10-04 14:58:48 by HOLIMOUNT

oh well since i think im not hallucinating or( how ever the hell that's spelled )

some people here like Elika so im making MOAR drawings of this dude looking chick for all of you
so yeah that's it ...you can go home now


TF2 sprays get them here¡¡

2011-09-29 16:28:03 by HOLIMOUNT


http://gamesprays.com/spray/red-team-p oster-5889/

a message to all my fans?

2011-09-13 15:43:54 by HOLIMOUNT

you know guys i just want to tell you all what im feeling try to make you understand that im never gonna give you up and im never gonna let you down and you guys know the rules and so do i and so i just want to tell you all what im feeling and that there no strangers to love

a message to all my fans?

would you guys like to hang out lol im just sayin it would be nice to have a mean awesome crew you know i got this game some days ago and its awesome and i wish i could play it whit awesome guys that teach me how to play this freaking game without dying a thousand deaths

also cod4 but i havent installed that one in my new computer ..well anyways if your interested just add me to your XFIRE im holimount

im just sayin if we get awesome we could make a clan or something


Twiligth Sparkle is some fine ass pony man

2011-08-20 23:18:30 by HOLIMOUNT

just look at her man shes just awesome ...that some fine ass pony man seriously shes very fine and smart and cool i love Twiligth but i dont know its a tie between her and rainbow dash

Twiligth Sparkle is some fine ass pony man

what is scarier

2011-08-04 10:48:44 by HOLIMOUNT

a clown size spider
or a spider size clown???

your take guys

what is scarier